BCA Tracker 'T3' Rescue Package

  • £305.95 £40700
  • Save 24%

The Tracker T3 avalanche rescue package includes Tracker3 digital avalanche transceiver with harness, Stealth 270 probe and B-1 EXT shovel.

The Tracker3 has Tracker's renowned ease of use and instantaneous real-time display. The T3 is designed to be “pocket-friendly,” and is the choice of guides, mountaineers, and the weight-conscious crowd. This transceiver uses Signal Suppression (SS) and Big Picture (BP) modes for no-nonsense multiple-victim searching. Motion-sensing Auto Revert-to-Transmit mode (AR). Upgradeable software and electronics performance testing for Tracker3 fleet management. 

Unbeatable package pricing on this essential equipment you need to stay safe in the backcountry.


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