Avalanche Transceiver Training in Edinburgh

  • £40.00

This course can act as a refresher or as a basic training course designed to introduce you to how an avalanche transceiver works. 

These courses are open to everyone whatever make or model of transceiver you own or not, for that matter!

We will also show you how to use a probe and a shovel.


  • Complete beginners.
  • Weekend Warriors.
  • Experienced on-piste skiers and boarders now ready to begin venturing off-piste safely.
  • Snowsports clubs and mountaineering groups


You may own a transceiver, shovel and probe already which is a great start, but knowing how to use them is essential. If you don't own any equipment, we can supply it for the training. 
Understanding the importance of 'Companion Rescue' techniques is absolutely crucial when venturing off-piste. It is your best chance of saving a life.

This dryland session will meet at Starbucks at Middle Meadow Walk close to the Meadows, Edinburgh. 


The training session will last for approx' 2 hours from 10am till 12pm


Everyone attending the course will receive a discount voucher to purchase BCA snow safety equipment.





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